About Us Who we are?

Welcome to the LongoSeal website. The site contains information regarding every aspect of our organization - what we do and where we operate, our mission, products & services, details of our industry leading standards and the latest company news. If for some reason you do not find what you need then please contact one of our offices and we'll do everything we can to assist.

LongoSeal has been a leader in the provision and supply of high performance parts and assemblies of process equipment to the Oil & Gas and Power Services Industry. Our capabilities in Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers in the Oil & Gas and Power Process and Production Industry. The strength of LongoSeal is its people, who are committed to the basic philosophy of how we do business and the core values we practice. By upholding these core values LongoSeal has successfully grown to become one of the key Oil & Gas and Power Industry Services providers.

LongoSeal is in many ways unique, providing a single point of responsibility for your maintenance and spare parts requirements, with philosophies that encompass the highest HSE and Quality standards (supported by our excellent record) with industry leading technical capability


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