Mechanical Seals BGH

Mechanical Seal with rotating springs

  • Semi-split
  • Balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Single seal

Semi-split mechanical seals are used if there is a sufficient axial clearance to pull off the seal housing and seal housings until the sliding parts are accessible. I. e. only the wearing parts proper, such as the seal face and stationary seal as well as O-rings are split. The seal face and stationary seal, springs and O-rings can thus be replaced without requiring complete disassembly. Springs are arranged to be protected from the medium. The split stationary seal can be used in either side.

Operating Range

Shaft diameter: d1 = 50 ... 310 mm (2" … 12.20")(larger diameters on request)
Pressure: p1 = 25 bar (363 PSI)
Temperature: t1 = 150 °C (302 °F)
Sliding velocity: vg = 20 m/s (66 ft/s)
Axial movement: ± 2.0 mm


Item Description 
1.1 Seal face *
1.2 Drive collar 
1.3 O-Ring *
1.4 O-Ring *
1.5 Spring 
1.6 Set screw 
1.7 O-Ring *
2 Stationary Seat *
3 O-Ring *

* For disassembly of unsplit seal faces, seats and O-Ring these should be broken or cut.

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