Power Critical Spare Parts for High Performance Pumps


We offer a full range of mechanical services and capabilities, from machining and turning to metal recovery and super finish grinding. When a breakdown occurs, we provide on-site services 24/7 in order to reduce downtime.

Mechanical breakdowns lead to lost production and consequently lost revenue. They can occur at any time, day or night. When they do, Longoseal Services responds quickly to your problem.

We offer many services, from the repair or remanufacture of worn or damaged components to the overhaul and rebuild of a complete machine. We can manufacture new components when repair is not possible or is not economical.

We replace white metal/babbitt in bearings of all sizes, from small to large (over 500mm). We use high-quality centrifugal casting for complex bearing repairs, and manual casting for large bearing repairs. During the repair process, we control the melting point temperature to preserve metal properties. Non-destructive testing (NDT) such as ultrasound and dye penetrant is then used to check the bonding of the white metal to the bearing shell.

Our engineers can offer upgrades to lube oil systems or bearing geometry to help resolve repetitive failures.

White metals/babbitts have long been used as an anti-friction material for bearing linings. Applications include:

Crankshaft bearings Crosshead bearings
Intermediate bearings Turbine bearings Pump bearings
Main gear bearings Thrust pads for main shafts, turbines and crankshafts
Stern tube bearings  

The quality of the replacement white metal/babbitt depends on preparation, top-class quality control procedures, and experience. We rely on our experience to select the optimum grade of white metal for the job, and to cast the white metal. We use new metal for every job in order to ensure top quality

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