Power Spares Parts for High Performance Valves

Benefit from our experience in Oil & Gas and Power. At Longoseal you will find innovative and proven solutions whose details prove themselves in practice. Longoseal spares for Plunger Valves perform control tasks with absolute reliability, carrying out over 450,000 closing cycles without any failure of function. For sea water desalination plants, we supply valves whose parts coming into contact with water are either rubber coated or made entirely of stainless steel.


Longoseal spares for valves in power plants:

In the cooling-water or district heating system. In pumping stations or storage tanks. For fire-fighting systems or water treatment plants. In all those areas of power plants, diverse valves are used. The Longoseal spares for Valve offers reliability, quality and durability. The Longoseal spares for Valves are the suitable for treatment plants and fire-water pipelines. By its unique system, the Longoseal ensures absolute tightness when it is used to shut off cooling tower wells and inlet channels. You will receive all these valves spares from one single source of supply – Longoseal such as:

Valves spares
Valves for Condensate systemValves for Main Stream System
Valves for Feed Water SystemValves for Heater Drain System
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