Power Unit Reconditioning


All industries using process equipments face a similar problem: equipment loses efficiency through wear during normal operation. Unit reconditioning by Longoseal improves performance and extends the lifetime of your equipment. Thanks to our in-house precision fitting skills, we can recondition all types of process machinery such as engines, compressors, crushers, and gearboxes to their original stateā€”or even to an enhanced level. We reclaim assembly components using a wide range of material replacement techniques, thereby both improving performance and extending equipment lifetime. The units are rebuilt with a special attention to details and then subjected to a thorough final inspection for quality assurance.

Reconditioning has many benefits over buying new machinery:
Reconditioning can be faster than waiting for a replacement unit, particularly if the original is old.
The new unit may not be a direct fit, and will be taken care of during installation and commissioning to ensure satisfactory operation.
Surface engineering can often improve the wear characteristics of key components, thereby extending the unit's operational life.
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